Saturday, August 30, 2008


Where do I start? I first want to say that I LOVE SOLANGE AND HER VOICE. I think she doesn't get a lot of credit she deserves. Solange is a talented singer and very innovative as you heard on her single "I decided". At the end of the day I believe people wont give her a chance because she is Beyonce sister. If she had been an unknown singer from an unknown family, she would have been on the top of the BILLBOARD CHARTS. So you have to keep in mind because of her sisters success, she is expected to be better than Beyonce and people are going to give her a hard time. Which is unfair, I believe as far as music goes there is no comparison. Solange is her own person and has her own style and people aren't accepting that. Overall, I'm proud of Solange and the new album. So if you haven't actually bought the album, go get it, because you will enjoy it! I PROMISE.....PINKY SWEAR!

You know what I realized, Look at Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson! It's the same thing, 2 sisters, 2 different styles, and 2 different styles of music. Ashlee Simpson had to work hard to get the respect she deserved because without that MTV SHOW, She wouldn't be who she is today. I just think the show helped people see who she was, and how she's her on person and people could relate to her, and as a result they purchased her album. Its hard when both siblings are in the limelight and both are talented. That's why it's good to keep in tuned with your the fans, in which Solange has a youtube page where she gives updates. so check out this video!!!!

So maybe Solange needs a show or something to showcase the side of her no one knows. It's obvious that personality and style sells a album. I just wish the best to Solange and her new amazing album. I hope the people go out and support her. So in the meantime check out Solange's official myspace page and for more info on her album and to hear a few tracks.


Well in the past we watched "MTV's Making The Band" and we must admit, the show is good but the groups are just "okay". I Must admit the 1st season with "Da band" was good,and most importantly the album was good. But what happened to them? I thought diddy kept Chopper, Babs Bunny? Well regardless, we was behind them and then diddy let us down.

So here comes Danity Kane, I actually thought after he ended the season looking for new girls, I thought it was a publicity stunt and that the group will never really exist. But he surprised me by actually making a group that was talented. I actually purchased Danity Kane's first album and loved it. Danity Kane's second album "Welcome to the dollhouse" is okay, but it's really a pop album. But on another note, when I heard did was looking for a boy group, I was like "it's not gonna happen".

I believe DAY 26 is the future. The album is crazy! My favorite song on the album is "Come With Me" I actually thought the album was a straight r&b album that was surely needed at this time. The songs range from slow r&b to a club banger to even a pop type song. Vocally they are on point and so versatile, and every song on the album some how makes you sing along. I think P.diddy finally got it right this time around. There was a time when Bad Boy was running the entire music scene, and then Rocafella stepped in and now G-unit. So I think Day 26 has the power to put bad boy back on the map. They are a fresh and younger generation of singers that we actually need. They some how remind me of the group 112. But overall, if you love 112, Jagged edge, you will love DAY 26, because I'm so in love with them.

So my question for you is, what album did you purchase between DAY26 and DANITY KANE? Like Always I want your feedback, and I want to know what was your favorite song off of either album.... god bless, be safe and I hope to hear from you soon...

Friday, August 29, 2008


Yes!!! I said it, Myspace and relationships don't mix. Is it me but so many guys claim to be single, but indeed they are heavily involved with a love one. Most of the time you never know how a person really is until you actually view their myspace page. Do you think myspace is the blame for tons of break ups??? I wanna hear from you, all the readers! Myspace is the new way of networking and checking up on people, but some people think it creates hella drama. Maybe, if you have something to hide (wink wink)

I personally got mixed up in some myspace drama because the guy lied and then got caught. I think myspace is more of a helper. Myspace pretty much confirms everything you was thinking all along about your loved ones. I learned that the best policy is honesty. Keep it real with the one you loved, and your myspace buddies, friends and groupies.

Myspace is now the number 1 internet social network and is actually better than Facebook, and BlackPlanet. So in case you was wondering, I totally have a myspace page, so feel free to add me.! I hope to hear from you soon, and I want to know what you think...

God Bless