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Maino featuring Chris Brown "Dont Be Scared" my song choice for the week!

Go support REAL HIP HOP! Buy Maino's Album "If tomorrow comes" in stores June 30th, 2009


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NEW MUSIC!! Angel Lola Love & Soulja Boy



Check out this NEW Drake featuring Mase "Best I ever Had" remix....(not the official remix)


This is why Chris Brown should do the MJ tribute

2006 Performance from the "World Music Award" Chris Brown performs "Thriller"

New Music: Chris Brown....He's rapping?

Special shout out to DefPen radio for this! NEW MUSIC!!!

Ransom Freestyle Ft. Chris Brown (Dirty) - Rock City

The king of POP and the King of RAP at Summer Jam 2001

As you already know, I'm normally everywhere, and indeed I was there! Summer Jam 2001 which was my 1st ever Summer Jam experience, I had to beg my mom to go to this event. One of the best summer jam's ever (hands down). So Lengendary because Jay-z brings out Michael Jackson and also said the infamous line "I'm about a dollar, what the fuck is 50 cents" a diss that introduced the world to a well known underground rapper known as 50 cents. Remember this "Don't be the next contestant on that summer jam screen" this was also the show where Jay-z made it clear that he did have beef with Queens native rappers "Mobb Deep" Prodigy & Havoc. It was at this show where Jay-z posted a picture of Prodigy in the leotard (giggles)....CLASSIC! Enjoy this rare footage of Jay-z and Michael Jackson.

Ps. If you went to this show, do you remember when Jay-z said "Ya'll wanna see mike"? and everyone went extremely crazy, and dame says "I think they wanna see him" and jay'z replies "he better come from behind those motherfuckin curtains" and indeed....Michael Jackson appears, and then jay-z starts his 1st performance ever of "Izzo" off of the blueprint album! A serious priceless classic moment in hop hop.

IRONICALLY! This was the year of the 9/11 attacks, the release of Jay-z "Blueprint" and Fabolous album "Ghetto Fabolous" and Michael Jackson's album "invincible" and the year Destiny Child performed at Summer Jam and didn't receive a lot of love, even though they were number one on the billboard charts. Hey, maybe Beyonce and Jay-z hooked up there, because after this show, Destiny Child appeared in the "Izzo" video....HMMMM!

The reaction in Times Square of MJ's Death

These are some of the reactions from Times Square (42nd street) New York City.

Special thanks to Tonya TKO...You are the best for this video!

CLASSIC MJ moment in NYC! I was actually there

Those may not know this, but in September 2001 I was a freshman in high school. Right after the World Trade Center attacks, my city had completely lost our spirit. We hadn't even started to get back on our feet, but long and behold Mr Michael Jackson himself came to times square "Virgin Megastore" and showed my city love. He took pictures, signed autographs and just uplifted the spirit of New York. More of a reason why we love MJ. I actually was out there that day, I think I was about 14 years old, and trying to get a glimpse of MJ, I should have been in class, but looking back now, I'm happy I cut school that day. Today I realized that I grew up to his music and so did my parents (WOW)and that proves how consistent he was, and how he's every one's idol. He is indeed the "KING".

This is why I LOVE HARLEM and My CITY! The legacy of MJ

Despite the passing of Michael Jackson, my hometown did it big. They embraced his legacy and celebrated his life in Harlem on 125th street at the famous "APOLLO" theater. The crowd decided to sing along to his greatest tunes, and of course dance, because that's what Harlem is known for. All ages, all races, all sizes and all cultures had one thing in common that day in Harlem and that indeed was Michael Jackson. It shows the spirit of Harlem and how much Michael Jackson has an impact on every ones lives and on Harlem. It was at the Apollo theater where the Jackson's 5 came and won amateur night and tour down the house. Watch the video and enjoy it, because I did and it sent chills up and down my spine in a good way.

If that wasn't enough, in Times Square 42nd street crowds and bigger crowds of people joined together embraced MJ's life while watching his music video's on the mega tron. How cool was that? however some people were singing while others cried, but one thing certain was Michael Jackson will always be remembered. With MTV's VJ "Sway" broadcasting live above at the famous MTV TRL window at 1515 Broadway, New York City was alive and definitely loved Michael Jackson.

Jermaine Jackson's Press conference

I'm still shocked from the untimely death of pop king and humanitarian Michael Jackson. I haven't been able to update my blog because there's just so much going on in the press, and New York City and in general. However, I did stumble upon this video on youtube. Brother of Michael Jackson, Jermaine releases a statement. It's really sad to watch, notice how he struggles to get through this press conference. I can't say this enough "Rest in Peace Michael Jackson" you are a legend and your legacy will continue.

Sidenote: This blog wasn't created for gossip, I try to focus on fashion, entertainment, the arts and to help people during the recession and just spread positive energy and LOVE. However I had to write about Michael Jackson because he was an extremely wonderful person.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958- June 25, 2009)

I was on twitter when I heard that the biggest music icon ever died. I had 3 very reliable sources from Los Angeles, one of which works for TMZ, and when I questioned her she said "we are standing by our story and it is accurate" I knew then it had to be true. At first it was hard to believe and I immediately started thinking about how great of a musician he was. Below are 2 of my favorite videos. I really don't want to speak about his bad press, I want this to be a celebration of his life, and his legacy. He left us with a lot of great memories and songs, and unbelievable dances and fashion style. At one point in your life, you wanted to be Michael Jackson, it didn't matter if you was a women or a man, or as Michael Jackson would say "If your black or white".

Michael Jackson "Rock with you" is my favorite just because of the mix matched glitter clothes and shoes (lol) and because of this video, I learned to love glitter embellishments. This video is the epitome of a cheesy 80's music video, but at the same time it's so DOPE.

My vintage handbag PICKS for the DAY

In case you have been living under a rock, luxury designers have been bringing back their vintage designer bags to the market. It seems to good to be true, but indeed it's so real. Designer brands such a "Chanel" "Hermes" "Fendi" and of course "Gucci". Even though there are so many to pick from, I have to narrow it down to only 5. So below are my top picks, and of course the retail prices are expensive. Enjoy it, and if you can afford it, go get it!

Side note: These items are only available at selected stores, and for serious buyers only. In most cases these bags require a waiting list and a background check. "YES" I'm serious!

Vintage Chanel
Made: Italy 1980
This is called the "Chanel 2.55 quilted leather bag". This bag has beautiful gold chain adjustable straps. It's very elegant and a must have item. This bag is very iconic, you have seen this in numerous movies in the 1980's and the 1990's and even "Sex & the City" it's what I consider a "CLASSIC" piece.
Retail Value $2,500.00

Vintage Gucci
Made: Italy 1975
This bag is called the Gucci "black lizard shoulder bag". It's like Gucci memorabilia, made from real lizard skin and rare lizard skin. It also includes gold accents and trimmings.
Retail Value $4,000.00

Vintage Prada
Made: Italy 1980's
This bag is the 1st Over sized clutch made from Prada. It's a red, orange color blend and textured leather clutch. With magnetic fronts and inside lap to make this bag minimalist.
Retail Value $2,000.00

Vintage Hermes'

Made: France 2004
This bag was limited made in 2004, and is made from real crocodile skin and black leather, with gold trimming below the bag and in front of the bag. Also gold trimmings inside the bag.
Retail Value$42,000.00 (YIKES)

Vintage Valentino
Made Italy 2001
This bag is called the "Fringed evening handbag" and it's made of black sil, with glittered bead embellishments, with fringed strings. Its also contains a gold handle.
Retail Value $1,500.00

Constructive Criticism! Take notes Ladies

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I actually found this video on and I thought it's very vital for women who are aspiring artist. The information that Ne-Yo provides in this video are crucial. He doesn't agree to the industry standards, and neither do I, but it's something you should know. So please watch this video and take notes ladies.

How do you feel about this video? I want your feedback and comments.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A way to a Woman's heart

It's the little things that count!

  • So guys ask me all the time, "What do I have to do to get with you"? It's one of those questions that I never have to think to hard about. I realized that most women just want to be loved. It's not about spending money. I'm personally most happy when I can just spend time with someone I care about. The little things count, such as a nice text message, or a nice phone call at a random hour of the day. A simple "I miss you" or "I was thinking about you" goes a long way. So guys pay attention to my rules below, and take notes. If you can't swim why bother getting in the water.....hmmm! These rules will help, this is a guideline to get in a woman's heart.

  • Never lie, because if you lied once, she will never believe anything you say, and your trust is out the window.

  • When she talks, you should actually listen and constantly give her a recap to prove that you were listening.

  • A simple text message when you wake up and a simple text message before you go to sleep. It will let her know that she was the first thing on your mind when you woke up and the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep.

  • When you take a woman out, don't take her to a bar because in the back of our minds, it means you want to get us drunk and make a home run for the night.

  • Always compliment us but make sure you mean it, because when you try to hard, you die hard. Honesty is the key!

I personally can't find a man who can fulfill my needs, so I'm currently single. So my advice to women who are in my situation, I think the best thing to do is to never settle for less, because somethings are worth waiting for. As for men, just follow those simple rules, and only use them if you care about her. If your just trying to sleep with her, these rules don't apply =)

UPDATED!!!Perez Hilton Video Blog...."Violence is never the answer"

Yesterday I posted news about my favorite Gossip Queen Perez Hilton and his altercation with Black Eyed Peas front man Will.I.AM. So earlier today Perez Hilton posted a video in response to the entire situation. Yesterday I reported that it was "ALLEGEDLY" but it's confirmed that indeed Perez Hilton was assaulted. He wasn't assaulted by Will.I.AM but was assaulted by his manager Polo.

UPDATE! According to sources at TMZ, Polo has indeed turned himself into Toronto, Canada police officials. More information will become available in time, and I will be sure to update.

ALLEGEDLY Perez Hilton was assaulted by

It seems like I can't get away from the computer. Please keep in mind everything I write is legitimate and I don't copy and paste. Earlier today Perez Hilton Posted on his twitter update the following (in order from earliest to latest update:

"I'm in shock. I need the police ASAP. Please come to the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel now. Please."

"I was assaulted by Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas and his security guards. I am bleeding. Please, I need to file a police report. No joke."

"Still waiting for the police. The bleeding has stopped. I need to document this. Please, can the police come to the SoHo Met Hotel"

"I spoke to my lawyer. I really need to talk to the authorities. Please come to the SoHo Met Hotel. Have called the police. Need them here."

"The Toronto police are here now. Thank you. Please stop calling them."

"Thank u all from the bottom of my heart for ur concern. The police are investigating the assault now. I did the right thing by reporting it."

Unfortunately Black eyed peas singer didn't have a twitter account until hearing from Tila Tequila about Perez Hilton's updates. He created a twitter account with only 3 tweets, and one was the link to this video. This video is response to the entire situation.
(F.Y.I if you can't see the video, here's the link

SIDENOTE: Last night after MTV "The Hills" star Brody Jenner left dinner with his famous step sister Kim Kardashian, he realized his phone was stolen. According to Jenner's twitter followers they noticed he was posting vicious things about Audrina Patridge. Brody immediately got to a computer and posted this "somebody took my phone from the table... the last tweet was not from me..... wow" and his sister Kim Kardashian also posted "Someone stole @BrodyJenner's phone, that tweet about Audrina was not him!" So there is officially no problems between Audrina & Brody

Dorion From B.E.T college hills joins the "Twitter hacked list"

I first want to point out that I know friends of Dorion Standberry. You may know him from the hit B.E.T show "College Hill: Atlanta" but this morning he became a victim of the Twitter hacked List. It all started at 1 AM Eastern time, when Dorion's hacker posted "how many of yall think i practice cocaine!!! lol really!!" followed by "i ate rihannas pussy!!!!" from there I realized something was weird, so I contacted a friend of mines who is great friends with Dorion. By that time I received another update, but this one was indeed naked pictures of Dorion via twitpic.

Due to the fact that Dorion is extremely cool and doesn't deserve this, I will not post those pics at all. I also want to point out that his number was also posted as an update. When Dorion was contacted by my friend, he pretty much was aware of what was going on and couldn't do anything about it. The hacker changed his password, so Dorion was only able to send twitter an e-mail about the situation. Unfortunately it's nothing he can do about this. This is the bad part of the Internet. Dorion also didn't know who did this to him and sounded distraught, but the hacker confirmed at one point they had a relationship with him, and was mad. The hacker also confirmed that the pictures were in a e-mail document. Its obvious this was an extortion and or blackmail, so let's hope everything works out well with Dorion.

Dorion also had a meeting with a huge children's television network (no name) but due to these photo's being leaked, it could all be over before it starts. I'm really disgusted by all of this and I just wish Dorion the best, and hopefully he can walk out of this with his head up. I also noticed that the hacker was very angry and intentional as they posted "Dorion thought he had a career...done" so from the looks of that, it can become an extortion on his career.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! As I'm editing this blog, I just realized his hacker has now listed numbers out of his phonebook. Such as Meagan Good, Christina Milian, Vanessa Simmons, Kyla Pratt, Bryan M. Cox, Tracey edmonds (babyface ex, and co producer of College Hill) Tyson Beckford, Nicole Richie, Chrisette M, Beyonce's stylist, and Helen a.k.a Trey songs ex. --->This is getting very messy!

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Some cool Father's Day gifts

Aren't you sick of buying your father, grandfather, husbands, child's father the same old tired gifts?? If so, I have the remedy....You can't go wrong with my top picks

The first item is a must and a great sale! At best buy the brand new KODAK Easy Share 10.3 Mega pixel digital camera is on sale for only $116.00 and comes with a free 4GB memory card! You can't beat this deal!

Next on my list is a Item at Bloomingdale's from Burberry. These Burberry Knot cufflinks are great for any corporate dad. These cufflinks are available in both Silver & Gold at only $225.00

My next pick is really cool! How about a "Manly" gift basket? The "Heineken & Friends Gourmet Beer Basket" from is everything most fathers love. Includes a six pack Heineken Keg Cans, Gourmet Snacks: Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Chile con Queso, Peanuts and divine beef jerky. Only for $79.99

BEST DEAL EVER! Exclusively at Walmart Stores and Walmart online store. Sanyo 32inch Class LCD HDTV & Memorex 5.1 DVD Home Theater system with an wonderful iPod dock. Before you ask the HDMI cable bundle is included (YaY) for only $528.00 it can be all yours!

I actually got this for my dad this wonderful cologne from GUCCI, its smells great and it didn't cost to much. The small bottle is $55.00 and the bigger bottle is only $70.00 and it can be found at BLOOMINGDALE'S.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stephanie Pratt struggles in "The Hills"

It's no surprise to know that a lot of women still suffer from eating disorders. The most common eating disorders are Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive overeating, Binge eating. I was extremely surprise that Stephanie Pratt was battling with Bulimia. I watch MTV "The Hills" all the time, and I didn't see the signs. All the women on "The Hills" seem so confident. In the past we learned that Stephanie was at one point addicted to drugs and got into a lot of trouble, but could all of that been reasoning to her eating disorder today?

What are the most common signs of a eating disorder? The signs normally start from being insecure about yourself, and if you think you know someone who might possibly have a eating disorder, please read the signs below.

*Dramatic weight loss in a short matter of time.
*Obsession with weight and constant complaining of weight problems.
*Frequent trips to the bathroom immediately following meals.
*Visible food restriction and self starvation.
*Constant use of Diet pills, Laxatives, Ipecac syrup, and Enemas.
*Constant headaches and dizziness.
*Insomnia and poor sleeping habits.
*Unusual food rituals, chewing and not swallowing, and sometimes hiding in napkins.

If this is familiar to you or even a friend of yours their are numbers to calls and hospitals to help. Keep it tuned to my blog. I will post numbers, therapist and centers that specialize in eating disorders. It's a serious matter and not receiving proper treatment can become fatal.

As for Stephanie it's a no brainer that this is effecting her, I overall think that in Hollywood there is tons of pressure to look a certain way. I also believe when your on Television it's critical to be a certain size. I don't agree with it, but it's definitely a fact. People believe "Thin is in" and its hard for people to love themselves. In time things will change, until then below is a video from former MTV "The Hills" co-star Lauren Conrad speaking out about Stephanie Pratt.


I first want to say that I'm not picking any sides, and I'm not going to tell the story/ facts I personally know. I'm very happy to say that it was confirmed that Rihanna actually striked Chris Brown more than once before he hit her. It doesn't make it any better or any worse but at least there's finally two sides to this story and both parties are a victim. I somehow believe that both publicist have a lot to do with how this case is being handled. It was also confirmed from Mark Geragos camp that there was a picture taken of a bruised Chris Brown, but somehow the precinct only released a beaten picture of Rihanna. Personally speaking, that needs to be investigated, pictures from a precinct can't magically be leaked to the public so someone had to pay for that, I don't want to point fingers at Rihanna's Camp but it does seem awkward.

It's not confirmed if Chris Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos will cross examine Rihanna during next weeks trial on June 22nd, but if he does things will get interesting because sources at TMZ say he's very good. You may know Mark Geragos from the Famous "Geragos & Geragos" Firm and as former criminal defense lawyer for Michael Jackson, Wynona Rider and of course the infamous Scott Peterson and according to Wikipedia he has been confirmed as the lawyer of the recently deceased "Kill Bill" star David Carradine's family in relations to his sudden death. Considering from his past cases, Chris Brown should have picked out a better lawyer and attorney. This is interesting because Mark Geragos is known for defending guilty people, but things are somehow looking good for Chris Brown.

According to documents, it seems as if Rihanna actually persuaded him to hit her, after Chris Brown received a text message from an unknown woman while he was driving. The statement from a unknown witness said Rihanna repeatedly was indeed hitting him in the car and heard Chris Brown saying "I'm going to beat the sh*t out of you when we get home...You just did the stupidest thing ever. Now I'm really going to kill you" I can't determine if this is allegedly or a fact because the name of the witness was never mentioned. Overall Rihanna shouldn't have hit him, and he shouldn't have hit her. Sources at E! news are hearing that Mark Geragos is considering Chris Browns alibi or reasoning was "self Defense".

It wasn't confirmed from either publicist how both parties feel about next weeks trial, but according to the law, if Chris Brown accepts a Plea deal before Sunday at midnight, Rihanna will not have to testify against him. Unfortunately I don't see that happening. So everyone let's pray for the best, and hope both Rihanna and Chris Brown can walk away from this drama free and happy and redeem their careers.


I decided to put this video up as my favorite throwback because I LOVE THIS SONG. I grew up listening to this song, because I'm the youngest, and this is all I heard back in the days. I know this song "WORD FOR WORD". When I'm in the car or driving I hear this song and go crazy and I blast it like it's no tomorrow. I hope you love and enjoy this video/ song as much as I do

SO....Check out Hi-Five "She's playing hard to get"

Friday, June 19, 2009


As you all know we had a minor situation last weekend. Im not going to discuss it anymore and whoever is going back saying "this and that" needs to stop. I have no beef with Yami and I did not discuss the case on my livestream. If you want to see and hear exactly what I said go to (june 17th archives)

Why am I talking about this? I'm pretty much talking about it because everyone is making things extra. I got messages on saying how Yami was talking about me sideways, which was a lie. I never discussed the case on twitter or on in detail and the videos can prove it on both me and Yami's livestreams. I'm so offended because this person was going so hard about "yami said this, and yami said that" I really dont like drama.

As far as people saying im riding on her (Yami) or celebrities is a false statement and a horrible assumption. I treat everyone the same, I know tons of celebrities and even dated 2 well known rappers and trust me, everyone is equal. I don't brag about who they are and I don't discuss it because that's not the highlight of my life. I have assisted styling for Pharell, Rosario Dawson just to name a few. Yami is a totally cool person and we went through a horrible experience together, so im always gonna have that bond with her, and like I said, If I had to do it over again, I would want Yami and Lo and everyone who was there to be there again.

Yami has to go back to court and therefor I wont discuss the case. I'm not discussing the case even if she wasn't going back to court because it's no ones business. Anyway the air had to be cleared and the gossip has to stop! "get your weight up and not your hate up"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

NO H8 "Love is Love"

A lot of people have asked me "what is the NoH8 all about"? NOH8 is basically symbolic for "NO HATE" and "No on proposition 8" a campaign that supports gay marriage. In California the law states that 2 people of the same sex can't get married. Its better known as "Proposition 8" which is a constitution that passed on November 4th 2008

Do I support Gay marriage? I definitely support gay marriage and I'm very religious. I believe that 2 people who love each other should be together, and it shouldn't be determined by your race, or sex or the state you live in. It should be considered as a personal preference. I believe in "LOVE IS LOVE" and no one should tell you who you can and can't commit yourself to. I also believe that god loves all his children and wants everyone to be happy. I support the "NOH8" campaign 100 percent and you should to. I believe that you should never look down at a person, unless your looking down to reach out your hand to help. I grew up believing in only one race and that's the human race, and everyone should be equal and not discriminated for their beliefs.

I also think it's great to see everyone taking part in this campaign. So many celebrities have been so supportive but it's way to many to name. From Perez Hilton, B.Scott, Kristin Cavallari, Shanna Moakler, Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson, both Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'day(former Danity kane members)Tara Reid, Tila Tequila, and so many more. I commend everyone who has played their role in this campaign. You have to stand up in what you believe in, because if not, things will never change.

To learn more information and to find out how you can play your part, check out

To request information contact:
Adam Bouska or Jeff Parshley
Telephone: 1-323-301-6103
Address: 5355 Cartwright Ave #320
North Hollywood, CA 90046

You can also upload your "NOH8" photo's to the site, and they will feature it in their photo section.

Trusting Him....hmmm

Well normally I never talk about me on my blogs, but tonight I'm feeling like I should. I actually think every week I should talk about my problems, it can hopefully become beneficial for me and help others.

If someone isn't your boyfriend, and you sometimes get that relationship vibe from them, what should you do? I'm currently in a "BIG SHIT" situation. I like him and he likes me, but things are not going anywhere. I don't think this is normal. We argue like we are in a relationship but we are not. I started to realize that maybe we have our feelings involved in this chaos.

I constantly ask myself "Should I trust him"? Then I say, why do I need to trust him if we aren't together. I can't help the fact that I'm very jealous. He talks to a lot of ladies and in all reality, the infamous "TWITTER" is making things worst.

If I don't put a end to this now, I feel like things can only get worst. I have so much love for him, but at the same time if he really wants me, he would work hard to get me. Since he's not "Trusting him" is not an option, but me moving on is a reality.

Feel free to drop comments and advice, because I need it badly!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jimmy Choo + H&M= AMAZING

"We are privileged to be among the fashion greats who have been affiliated with H&M so far and to be designing a collection appealing to fashion savvy street smart women and to be including great pieces for men too" Tamara Mellon

Your probably asking who is Tamara Mellon? Well she is the Founder and President of Jimmy Choo and that was her confirming that Jimmy Choo will launch a line for both men and women, which will include footwear, Apparel, and of course accessories.

In the past H&M has worked with "Madonna", "Victor & Rolf", "Roberto Cavalli" and even the amazing "Stella McCartney". So it's great to see "Jimmy Choo" aboard the recession train. Jimmy Choo's exclusive budget line will be sure to bring in a crowd, A DJ and a long line, with tons of people fighting like they did in the New York City Flagship store in the pass for "Stella McCartney"

H&M is known for being fashion forward so you can only expect the best from "Jimmy Choo" designs and accessories. The price range for the line has not been announced, but according to London sources it will be extremely moderate and budget friendly. As of now the line will be available in 200 stores worldwide and their main London Shops. As of the date of the launch it's still undecided but once I know, all my readers will know (Wink)

H&M at one point only had a store in Spain and New York City. In the past few years, H&M has been so successful that they have opened stores in Los Angeles, and other cities on the west coast. In 2008 H&m opened a store in Atlanta and they aren't showing any signs of stopping. H&M has prices and deals that are very appealing to an average working consumer which make this franchise so amazing, they are also affiliated with "ZARA" which is their upscale version of H&M. I'm glad to also Announce the H&M has indeed opened another store in Japan.

FUN FACT: Our first lady the lovely Michelle Obama wore Jimmy Choo shoes the day of the inauguration! Cool huh

Monday, June 15, 2009


I see a lot of great items that I want but can't afford but if you can afford it...BUY THESE ITEMS NOW!

I decided to choose this "Dior" Logo Charm drop bracelet simply because it a unique item from the Dior Brand. Not to many upscale brands are venturing out to jewelry, so this is rare and a must have item.
Color: Silver
Chain, Charm, Multi Strand
Material/Metal: Silver
Closure: Magnetic
Retail Value $560.00

I choose this "Balenciaga" Arena City handbag mainly because it's a new color for the balenciaga handbag collection, the dark pink leather and the silver hardware really makes this bag special. This bag also has a ton of dimension and space, and it could be yours for only $1,595.00 that's if your lucky enough to even be on the waiting list. F.y.I it also comes with a removable strap and mirror

These fun oversize shades from "Chloe" are to die for. These are called 'Myrte' Acetate Sunglasses and they come in this lovely shade of brown. These could be yours for $290.00

My last item is from the one and only "MARC JACOB" from his "Marc" line. This crosstown stripe print dress is really girly and fun. This dress is made out of cotton and linen which is light on your body during the hot summer days. This item is $328.00 and can be purchased at your local Bloomingdales

Recessionista Special! Great summer Finds under $50

Its getting warm out and the economy sucks! SO how about really great shoes for under $50....It seems impossible but anything is possible when you leave it up to me. I decided that every week this summer I'm going to post "RECESSIONISTA SPECIALS" of great deals and Internet deals all at a reasonable price!

At Payless shoe stores and you can own a pair of "Fioni" Flat Scarlet fringed sandals for only $24.99

At you can find these "Madden Girl" shoes (style model "Sicily") gladiator off white flats for only $45.50

At you can also find another pair of "Madden Girl" shoes (style model "Kileyy") stacked platform 3 3/4 inch heel, lightly pleaded insole for only $49.50

At You can also find another great pair of "Madden Girl" shoes (style model KoKo) These yellow 4 inch sling back stacked heels are to die for. With it's floral accent you can't deny this hot summer shoe at only $49.50

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday Twitterville went crazy! I heard that La La Former MTV Trl host had cut her hair. I didn't really know what to expect, but surprisingly I loved it. I think it's very feminine and sexy. Although its being compared to Cassie, somehow I think La La perfected this hair style.

But for some reason, the question on everyone mind was, Why did she do it? well according La La Vazquez twitter she said "REMIX URSELF, it could be on the outside(hair,etc) or on the inside(ur spirit,ur energy,etc) Some people need remixing on the inside, ya know?" and I couldn't agree with her more. Change is something everyone needs, you always have to refresh yourself. You also cant allow, hair, material things depict who you are, and this is more of a reason why we love La La.

After following Mrs. La La Vazquez on twitter, I learned that she's very humble and very charitable. After hearing peoples reaction to the infamous hair cut, I knew La La's response Via twitter would be coming shortly and this is what she said "oh if u missed my tweet yesterday. the side of my hair I did cut off, I'm donating to LOCKS OF LOVE. what a great feeling, every bit helps". After reading that, I knew right then a there that La La isn't like everyone else, she has a heart of gold.

If your not familiar with "Locks of Love" visit there website www.locksoflove.Org
"Locks of Love" is a organization that collects donated hair, and they produce hair pieces to kids under 18 suffering from diseases and or conditions that involve the loss of hair. If interested in being a volunteer or for a donation, please check out their website.


Who is Nicki Minaj? Watch this Video...

Why do we love her? This girl is something similar to fresh air! She's from my City and my borough. I fell in love with Nicki Minaj from her "The Come Up" dvd and I just loved her flow and her style. She's more than a pretty face and she's talented so watch her because she's going to be BIG. I took interest in her as I seen her featured in the XXL magazine as the next up and coming artist. That's when I realized she sings, raps and is a trained actress. This month she's featured in "Dr Jays" urban clothing campaign and she also has a new Mixtape on deck "Beam Me Up Scotty". She's also part of what people are considering the new "DYNASTY" similar to "The ROC" when they were the epitome of the dream team. She is a signed artist of "Young Money Ent" and is affiliated with Lil Wayne and, Drizzy Drake, Harlem native Jae Millz and newly added Omarion former member of B2K.

So with that being said.....Get familiar!

Also Take note that she is also coming out with a collection of jeans. I heard whispers in the garment district that she's definitely sourcing showrooms and ideas for her collection. I can only expect that her jeans will be as dope as she is.

To learn more about Nicki Minaj check out the links below
Her official

BEACON has a great closet..

I'm a vintage and retro junkie. I have a thing for very old garments and styles. As a result I became a thrift store fanatic. The idea of a thrift shop was never appealing until I stepped my foot into "Beacons Closet". So your probably guessing how did I find out about this thrift shop? Well after watching MTV's "True Life" I notice the name and store and googled it, and there I was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What's so COOL about Beacons Closet? Well beacons closet has tons of designer clothes and accessories for at a very affordable price point. Most of the garments and accessories are worn but are in great condition, sometimes with the tag still on it. You can also find shoes, bags, clothes and so on. But that's not the coolest part, because you can actually give them your old clothes and get store credit or money, because they buy sell and trade so it's all up to you. Another great thing about beacon's closet is that they are very active in charities and you can even donate money or participate with their charity organizations.

Can I really find vintage Items at Beacons Closet? You definitely sure can, it's one thing to find a vintage item, but its also unbelievable and crazy that you can actually find vintage items from "Marc Jacob" and even "Diane Von Furstenberg" really big name designers. This store is worth a look, and the staff is great. So don't nod your head at the thought of a thrift shop. Like the saying goes, "one man's trash is another man's treasure".

Where is the infamous Beacons Closet?
Williamsburg Location: 88N 11th street (between berry and wythe) Brooklyn NY, 11211
Park Slope Location: 92 5th Avenue at Warren, Brooklyn NY, 11217
Store hours : M-F Noon to 9pm/ S-S 11am- 8pm

Visit and see what they have available