Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jay-z & Bill O'Reilly! Ha Ha funny

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jay-z featuring Kanye West & Rihanna "Run this town"

Do you like it? love it, hate it or whatever it? LMAO

Jam Master Jay Documentary TRAILER

HEY!!!! Tashi update

So, I wanted to talk about me for a minute. I have been doing so much soul searching and thinking, and I really wanna change my life. I never felt so lost and confused as I have been since 2009 started. I finally feel like myself, and I never wanna get swallowed up in this mean world and or industry again. I realized I was molding myself, and just doing too much. I believe everything happens for a reason and I'm happy I seen the light. I actually feel like the real Tashi, I'm just a nerd! I can't believe how much life has changed, and I just want things back to normal! So I'm only going to focus on my real friends, and real family member's that support me. At this point my main goals are getting my B.A out the way and get these courses done and working anywhere to pay my way through school. I really would love for you all to keep me in your prayers, because I really have to make it because I don't have a choice. My grandmother isn't doing to good so I have to prepare myself for a lot of things, and tons of Financial problems ahead. I'm not scared of what's to come, because I'm a strong person and I keep god first. I've been knocked down so much that I know how to get up without any ones help, but I will continue updating my blog and will stay focus. Thanx XOXO Tashi

Monday, August 17, 2009

Does this make u laugh? THEY FIND IT FUNNY



Congratulations to Scott and Kourtney Kardashian, expecting their first baby this December! To see how it all unfolds with the surprising pregnancy, you have to watch E! "Kourtney & Khloe" in Miami.

Also Danger from the Vh1 Show "For the Love of Ray-J" is also expecting very soon. Her stomach is huge! It was reports that she was dating and was engaged to Nick Cannon's brother and also rumors that she could be carrying Ray-J's baby! Who knows?? But I wish all the moms to be a healthy baby!

"Nene & Kim" It's getting MESSY

I first want to say I LOVE "The Housewives of Atlanta" and I love every one of the females on the show, but I don't respect people airing other people out. It's good for television but it's not nice. Making fun of Kim and her hair was really mean, and discussing someones marriage life is also very mean, knowing they have children. I think at this point NeNe and Kim can never be friends again.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Hey! Thanx for checking out my blog but now I'm looking for Girls in the New York City/ tri state area who really loves to party and are willing to attend special events in New York City with me and my girls. I'm looking for the ultimate NYC "IT GIRLS" entourage!

  • You must be 21 years old or older

  • You must own a pair of heels and can walk in them (LoL)

  • You must be willing to attend at least 1 or 2 clubs a week

  • You must be classy and able to hold your liquor

  • You must have transportation to and from the club

  • Most importantly you must have a great personality (no stuck up chicks)

  • You must be social and just know how to have a good time

  • Last but not least you must dress VERY chic and trendy and be confident, DONT DRESS LIKE A SLUT BECAUSE IT'S NOT SEXY

  • Most importantly don't be a groupie over celebrities and know how to approach them

So if you feel like this is you contact me at

Submit a picture and a little information about yourself and I will contact you A.S.A.P to explain more information.

In the meantime you can follow me on twitter (@tata4u2c) and (@gabrielleWhite)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

SAD NEWS! R.I.P John Hughes

I heard today that the most amazing director ever passed away this morning in New York City according to TMZ. John Hughes is the man behind all those totally awesome 80's movies. As you know I love the 80's flicks, and it was an era when movies were funny and goofy and always had memorable funny lines. John Hughes is most famous for these movies "The Breakfast Club" which is the best movie ever, and "sixteen candles" and "Pretty in Pink" and the movie that launched Matthew Broddericks career "Ferris Bueller's Day off" and of course the "Home Alone" movies. He was a cinema genius.

TMZ SPOTTED MASE! The album is coming

NO NEED TO TYPE! I LOVE MASE, HE WAS MY FAVORITE RAPPER GROWING UP AND HE'S SO FUNNY! He switched his whole style up once he realized it was the TMZ camera man! Ha ha

The Kardashians do MIAMI

This is a little teaser of what's to come on E this August! with the spin off to "Keeping up with the Kardashian" Khloe and Kourtney are in Miami, preparing to open up another "Dash" store. While Khloe lands her own radio show with 106&Park co-host Terrence, it seems like it may be a little love connection, mean while Kourtney seems to have found a girl she actually likes, and this is only a teaser, you gotta watch the show and see how everything unfolds. Until then watch this teaser and enjoy it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BAD MOVE for coogi

For a while now, tons of people in the Fashion industry felt like Coogi selling it's label and rights to FuBu was a bad move. It was confirmed a while back that FuBu indeed owns Coogi, but according to reliable fashion publications like "Women's Wear Daily" Coogi sales has dropped significantly. In order to have Coogi sell a respectable revenue to avoid the recession, fubu had to have the price point dropped to moderately expensive. As a result the Australian Coogi lifestyle brand lost exclusivity, however it's affordable but not considered High End apparel. So in this case it's a "Lose Lose" situation. The Coogi brand empire is slowly melting.

The Tables Turned....Superhead EXPOSED

We all know she's a (Cough) woman who is known for exposing music artist in the industry. Well, know she's being exposed by Darius McCrary, a actor you may recognize from the hit show "Family Matters". He claims in this video that she's a unfit mother, a manipulator and overall scandalous woman. You must see it to believe it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

This is why the public doesn't respect Police Authority

So today I seen this video courtesy of and I was totally offended and became disturbed and angry. How can we the people respect Police Authority? It's been one to many incidents similar to this and some even fatal. When will this end? I first was extremely mad when after ordering the man out the car, they had a dog attack him, numerous times. Following a search, in which he was clean of no drugs or anything illegal, then a cop plants a bag of weed on him. Was this necessary? Did this have to happen? I can't help but to continue to get mad at Police authority taking advantage of everyday people, and in most cases being racist or even killing people, because they are authorized by the city to carry a gun. I hope and pray that all police commissioners and officials are evaluated, and new guidelines are improved so these situations don't have to become repetitive.

Chris Brown "The New MJ"?

As you already know, after leaving NYC Jones Beach on Saturday, Lil Wayne and Entourage next tour stop was in Virginia Beach on Sunday, where Chris Brown came out and did a brief Cameo and danced to MJ towards the end of the show, pretty much proving, he's the man! Enjoy this 40 second clip

LOL..Im just like you!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


As you already know, Drake fell on stage during a performance in Camden, New Jersey and injured himself. I was told that he injured his ACL again. Before you start thinking it's a publicity stunt, it's not. He injured himself previously and during the B.E.T performance he had to sit on stage while doing "Best I ever had" and "Every girl". However he will be getting surgery next week, Monday to be precise and I wish him a Speedy recovery. He will remain on tour and do shows. Therefor Show love and come out to the shows. If your in California he will be performing on August 13th and it's not to late to get tickets from

Here's the infamous video below, and to make light of the situation Lil wayne says "This ni**a really has a bad knee, I thought that S**t was only on the tv show, I gotta get some extra insurance on this N****"...enjoy it!

Check out lil Wayne fall...