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HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS ENDING? *Rolling my eyes* LoL

MEL GIBSON.....takes another tumble down the hill

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What's up folks?

I haven't been doing too many updates lately. I apologize, the devil has been hard at work trying to tempt me and trying to distract me, but it was an epic fail. I first want to take out the time to say "thank you" to everyone who supports me and sends me encouraging and uplifting messages on twitter and facebook and so on. You all encourage me to be a better person and most importantly keep me sane.

I know you all seen the drama on twitter with me and that girl, yep the same girl that was on Ustream with me, sometimes people grow apart and people change. I'm not the type to hurt peoples feelings and make them feel bad and I also wont stoop down to her level and put her business out there, as Trell would say "That's what I'm NOT gonna do" lol. However a lot of you said "I feel bad for you" and my advice to you is, don't feel bad for me, feel bad for her, she's the one who has to stand before god on judgement day and she will have a hard time getting pass the pearly gates to heaven, not me. She's evil and she's fighting a lot of demons and she doesn't see it. I see a lot of the devil in her, and you know like I know, the devil will only bring you down.........Do you see where this is going? On that note "AMEN" continue to stay blessed you all!

So that's the good word for this sunday afternoon

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Christian Louboutin Pre Fall Collection

Available at Neiman Marcus!
Bow-Toe Suede Pump

Wavy Peep-Toe Slingback

Double Platform Pump

Tortoise Patent Pump

Zipper-Bow Pump

Knotted Suede Pump

Leopard-Print Slingback Sandal

Cathay Patent Sling Back Pump

Round-Toe Suede Pump

$975.00 Satin Criss Cross Slide

$995.00 Metallic Watersnake Pump

$1,095.00 Pleated Sandal

$895.00 Lace-Up Bootie Color Gray

$995.00 Lace-up Oxford Bootie

$995.00 Button Flannel Bootie

$595.00 Flannel Espadrille Bootie

$1,795.00 Leopard-Print Lace-Up Bootie

$1,495.00 Toggle Ankle Boot

$795.00 Suede Metallic-Square Pump

Watch Out for BRUNO MARS! He's Dope

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It's Katstacks bitch! Not really....just me :)

Lil WAYNE "SINGLE" favorite song right now!

New Video!!!

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A reason why you shouldn't go out to much

Lin's Chinese Buffet failed to pass a health inspection test several times and we can see why! may throw up!

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NBA Wives and the Drama

In case you were living under a rock, the new VH1 show "Basketball Wives" which aired last Sunday night is causing quite the commotion.

Weeks before the show aired NBA player Dwight Howard who plays for the "Orlando Magic" hired a team of lawyers in which they made an agreement that during the show his baby mother "Royce" would not be allowed to mention his name or any references towards him. If you noticed all the women were mentioned as "the wife or ex wife of" mean while Royce was introduced as a "NBA cheerleader and dancer", however that was a smart move but now it seems like NBA player Shaquille O'neal which he could have done the same thing. After Sunday's debut of the show, sources say "Shaq" is not happy with how he was showcased on the show as a "Cheater" and that he has a team of lawyers threatening the VH1 network and producers from airing the show again. However an official statement hasn't been released. It's all speculation but at the same time, the show did really well with viewers and I don't believe the show will be cancelled or put on hold. Although this was interesting it wasn't shocking, 2 months back the 'E! Network" aired a episode of 'True Hollywood story, Basketball wives" in which numerous NBA players were upset and one in particular was Dwyane Wade. The drama and the bad mouthing of D.Wade from his former Ex- Wife seemed as if it would never stop, just recently after a nasty blow of accusations, it's safe to say D Wade isn't the monster she depicted according to court documents. Overall it seems like these women are not what most of them bargained for and some are trying to air out their dirty laundry as pay back, it's safe to say that in these situations, it's only going to get messy before it can end.

VH1 was so thrilled with the very first episode of "Basketball wives" that they jumped on the opportunity of a spinoff appropriately called "Football wives" they haven't revealed a cast yet but are in the works and they plan to have Shaunie O'neal as a co-producer.

Real Housewives! Ramona's Walk of Death

Last nights episode was very unforgettable, for one reason only, Ramona walking down the runway. It's one thing to not be able to walk down the runway and to be nervous but it's another thing to have your eyes pop out like that. In case you missed it, check out the clip below. If you would like to see more clips go to to see some extra video's that never made it to your television screen..

Ustream Highlights you missed

In case you missed out, Jprince and Drake was live on Ustream earlier this week! With Drake doing a short freestyle

NBA Player Shaquille O'Neal performs Rick James and Teena Marie classic "Fire and Desire" in a wig for an unknown reason, but it was funny, check it out LOL

Also Linkin park went live on Ustream from the studio, which was cool because it's nice to know their working on new material, you can hate if you want but you know their DOPE! They also were taking pictures for album artwork, enjoy the clip!

Video Debut for K. Michelle "Fallin"

YAY! Finally K. Michelle a Jive Record artist releases her video for "Falling". You may have heard her on a previous track with rapper Missy Elliot called "Faking it". She's a highly anticipated artist with a lot of buzz on youtube.

Who's right and Who's wrong???

Dwight Howards baby mother (Royce) arguing with former VH1 contestant "I wanna work for diddy" Poprah on live radio..what do you think? I'm very SPEECHLESS



MTV is looking to meet big and interesting personalities for potential reality shows!!! If you live in New York City, appear to be between the ages of 18-22 and want to share your story/life, then we'd love you to send us a video of yourself.

Answer the following questions on-camera and upload the video (see directions below). You should film the video inside and not in front of a window so that we can hear and see you. Your video should be no longer than 15-20 minutes long.

Just be yourself, be energetic and have fun with it. We look forward to "meeting" you!

Interview Questions
- Introduce yourself! State your name, age and where you live in NYC.
- Please clearly state your email address and phone number.
- Where are you from? When did you move to NYC and why?
- What's the best part of living in NYC? What the worst?
- What's your living situation (do you live in an apartment or dorm, how big and with whom, briefly describe your roommates)?
- Describe you personality.
- What are you known for amongst your friends and family?
- Are you the type of person who speaks your mind? Or will you hold back your opinions if a camera is on you?
- Do you go to school and/or work? Explain your situation (where, what do you study/do, how often, do you like it).
- Are you dating someone? Explain the situation (how serious, how long, what's he/she like). If you're single, what type of person are you attracted to? What do you look for in a potential boy/girlfriend? Are you currently pursuing someone?
- What do you do for fun? What's a typical weekend like in your world?
- Please share any interests or hobbies that would give us more insight into what you're all about.
- Why should we cast you? What's so great about you? J (This is your chance to brag!)

How to Upload Your Video You should submit your video electronically via email,, or I'd also accept a private posting on (just email me your user name and password so I can download the video).

*** Preferred formats: Quicktime (.mov), Mpeg-4 Video (.m4v), or Windows Media Audio/Visual File (.wmv). [Note: I'm unable to view Windows Movie Maker Project (.mswmm) or Video Clips (.avi).]


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Random stuff LOL

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MTV "The Hills" Final season, final trailer

We all knew the end was near but who knew it would be like this...... A possible Kristin and Justin Bobby split, A Kristin and Brody love triangle with a beautiful brunette, Audrina and a new lover and a possible Heidi and Spencer divorce.......this could be interesting, check out the trailer.

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Ooops! Happy Easter

Obviously I haven't been blogging lately, but I refuse to blog about some lame girls, such as Katstacks and her antics. However life is okay, not great, not good but some what content and I can't complain. I'm currently looking for a new job, new guidance and new everything to be honest. (Giggles)

I'm currently single but I have a few good men on my list and one of which I adore a lot but he's all the way in California. However if it's meant to be it will work out, and I hope it does. Besides that, I had a huge argument with Erick and it was bad. Things are so broken and the pieces are scattered and I doubt it can be repaired. (Erick is the guy in the video's I posted a few weeks back) however I'm not upset, Im actually glad because now I can stop wasting my time and I can move on. I'll consider it a blessing in disguise

On a better note, I'm happy to have my california sister Chrissi here. It's great having her around and I played "Match maker" ironically hooking her up with Erick's friend. (giggles) However it's weird because we can't double date anymore. Other than that though, she's kind of happy so I'm happy.

SO.......there you have it, my brief but amazing update on what's going on in my "So Called Life". I really plan to treat this blogspot as my personal journal and everything news worthy or worth talking about at least.

HAPPY EASTER! Enjoy it, I hope all is well with you all and check out my Live Ustream ( Broadcast from last night! Follow me on(

Love you all ♥
xoxo Tashi

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How does this make you feel?

It was said that Black people or politically correct version "African American" people love Chicken, preferably fried and watermelons. However when you watch this video you notice images from the early 1930's. It seems like society as well as companies at some point in time, marketed these products to African American people. Although it's harsh and an extreme stereotype I think people don't realize that not only african americans loved those two products. In the slavery days, a lot of African American's were slaves and others had to do for themselves. Considering that chicken was an affordable method of food that provided protein, they was prone to eat it. Watermelons which are natural and also affordable and filling, made it another product or source of food for African American's who were poor at the time. Although it was years ago, it's not relevant today. You have to look at that period of time and the way the world was, but to still say that today in the year 2010, it's really a racist slur. I also want to mention that in the slavery days , caucasians also ate watermelons and chicken just as much as African American's did. In most cases black people actually cooked and clean the chicken for the white family such as my grandmother did, who is now 90 years old and alive. As you know after the slavery era we entered a great depression and everyone was eating food that was affordable. Although the african american stereotype of us eating fried chicken and watermelon is sad, A lot of people have huge stereotypes worst than that, such as black people are on welfare, which is false. I'm not on welfare and neither is my mom. They say black people aren't educated, which is false, I have a college degree and so does 2 of my aunts and not to mention my cousin recieved his masters degree at 26 years old. So don't believe the hype and educate yourself. Just because you go to school, it doesn't make you smart, what makes you smart is taking everything you learned and opening your horizon to learn more and to help others. You have to understand that in school they wont teach you everything, they only teach you what they want you to know, everything else is up to you.

God is Good! much love

Do you really love him or her?

Have you ever been in love with someone or thought you could be in love with them but you wasn't sure? If so, this blog post is just for you. After analyzing all the loser ex boyfriends I had in the past, I was able to say I loved maybe 3 of them and explain to you how I came up with it. Don't LAUGH!!!

These are the signs!

  • He makes or she makes you really mad and 1 hour later, your back on the phone with them like nothing ever happened.
  • You can use the bathroom while speaking to them on the phone or even while they're standing there.
  • When he or she can say "I LOVE YOU" and you get that funny feeling in your stomach (If you never felt that funny feeling, then it's not love, you can't describe how it feels, but it's magical lol)
  • When you can look at him or her and burst out laughing, just because you both know what each other is thinking.
  • When he or she can really mess up and you can forgive them, instead of completely disappearing from their life. When you're in love, remember it's always worth fighting for, and if he or she isn't ready to go to war for your heart, let them go, they never really loved you.
  • When you break up and get back together and then break up and get back together AGAIN and maybe a few more times after that.
  • When everything can be going wrong and one phone call from them or one text message makes you not even remember how bad your day was.
  • When you feel comfortable farting around him or her and they don't mind, that's a lot of love.
  • (REAL LOVE) When he lets you drive his car and you let him drive your car....that's serious LOVE!
  • When everyone else opinion means nothing to you, only his or hers.
  • When you wake up next to him or her in the morning and feel completely comfortable and happy, and just kiss and the first thing he or she says is "I love you" and the last thing they said to you was "I Love you" right before you went to sleep.
  • When you never have to hesitate on spending money on him or her because you know they would do the same for you or do even more for you.
  • When you even thought about marriage once or twice, or even talked about it. When you start thinking about building a future with that person, it's definitely love.

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YAY! Sex & the City 2 official trailer

I love this trailer!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Throwback! R.I.P Billy Bang

Weezy escaped Jail sentence, not once, not twice but 3TIMES

It was a no brainer that Lil Wayne was going to jump on the stage at Madison Square Garden to and surprise New York City with a performance with Drake & Nicki Minaj.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jae Millz- Throwback Video....."SPIT OR GO HOME"

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In the past year or so, the trend was a lot of metallics and a lot of bright colors. However it seems like now the new trend is neutral tones. From shoes to accessories, it seems like the warm & cool tones of beige, tans and white and off whites are making it's rounds from the runways, to ready wear, to a store near you any day. Below are a few options to make you ready for this spring and summer. These items I picked below are "Recession Special"....You never don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks!

Shoes by "Jessica Simpson" off White Leather 5" heel Platform sandals $89.95 Available at: and

Shoes by "Marrisa" These T-strapped 5 1/4 inch heel, with studs and stoned detailing and braided buckles $59.95 available at

"Jessica McClintock" Satin two toned Rose designed clutch bag, with a magnetic enclosure and detached braided white strap $32.00 available at Macy's stores or online at

Flower Pearl set earrings for $3.80 available at Forever 21 Stores or These are definitely a great price! A must have item and very beautiful for a day time look or a casual look.

A four layer off white beaded, imitation pearl necklace with a flower pin on sale now for $9.80 available at Forever 21 stores or

The "Sasha" Off white Stud encrusted hobo bag on sale for $29.95 now at JCPenny stores or online at

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Jay-z & a Fan Performs "SONG CRY" Funny ISSSHH

New Version "We Are The world" 25th anniversary

This version is the extended with Kanye West, LL Cool J and T-pain and a few others. I think the song came out amazing and was assembled great and I don't think it's bad at all.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Juelz and let the fight begin....

Thanks to the amazing people at TMZ and World Star Hip Hop it's exclusive footage of 1 of the 3 fight that took place last night at M2 also known as Club Mansion. Last night was a celebration for hip hop artist Juelz Santana birthday and included guests such as, Ashanti, snoop Dogg, Lil Kim, Maino, Jim Jones, Birdman and kurupt just to name a few.

However 3 fights took place last night, 2 inside and 1 outside. Below is footage of rapper Maino "Hustle hard" getting into a minor scuffle. Check it out and leave comments, or better yet....SUBSCRIBE!

Monica's New Video "Everything to me"

With special cameo from Chad Ochocinco from the Cincinnati Bengals

Affordable Christian Louboutins

Hey! I personally did this blog because every girls wants to have "The Red Bottoms, although Christian Louboutin is pricey, you can still afford his shoes. If you can't pay $1000 and up maybe you can pay $500 and under. Check out my great internet finds below!

The first pair to the left can be found at or at their store. These Christian Louboutin brown leather peep toe/ platform heel slingbacks are $428.00 and they come with the red signature sole. They also are available in black.

The shoes over to the right are also Christian Louboutins, they also have the red signature bottom they can be found at This shoes normally retails for $640.00 but you can have them for $485.99

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Tyga & Chris Brown

"I'm So Raw" In Studio performance

Stuntin like his DADDY!

I must admit....I was there and there was so much stuff they didn't air on MTV "My super sweet 16". It was like a concert, with performances from G-Dep, P.Diddy, Fabolous, Nicki Minaj and even Trey Songs....just to name a few. With guest like Lil Kim, Dj Webstar, former sweet 16 stars, Aaron Reid (Diddy's God Son), Darnell and Teyana Taylor and Quincy (Justin's step brother) and so many more.

Here's a small video of how it went down for the Prince of New York City a.k.a Justin Dior Combs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The TRUTH behind Rocafella Records

These video's below are a 7 part series from an insider that formerly worked with RocaFella records. He shares stories and enlightens us on aspects of the company and business that were never told and possibly became the downfall of one of the greatest hip hop empires ever.....Rocafella records. Enjoy it!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Sunday Message!

I had to take out the time and say that nobody on this earth is perfect. You can try very hard to be but the truth is you never will. You can spend your entire life creating an image and a persona that isn't you. Once you realized you waste all that time, it's too late, you can't get it back. Time waits for no one, so my message to you is to appreciate you, and be who you are. The people who love you and care about you will always respect you for you. The people you feel you need to impress because being yourself isn't good enough, is the people you don't need around you.

If you look at your life and still don't feel happy, well maybe it's time for you to think about something to improve your life. In life when you want to be driven, sometimes the best thing you can do is be around driven and motivated people. Positive energy is always the key to success, you have to think big in order to be big.

I really want people to say to themselves "I can do this" or "I will try to do this". The biggest mistake a person can do is to not try. The positive in that is, you will try and succeed or you will try and fail and learn something so valuable that a book couldn't even teach you.

The point is, be who you were born to be and live up to your dreams. Surround yourself with loving and caring people. Learn to live your life for you and not others. You only have one life to live so make it count.

♥ XoXo Tashi ♡

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Video UPDATE!!!!!!!


The affordable little black dress!

The little black dress is the most significant item in any womans closet. With the arrange of styles, fabrics, brands and most importantly price, it's a no brainer that you want to find that "to die for" dress at a price you can't beat. CHECK IT OUT!

(Left side)This first dress can be purchased at Neiman Marcus designed by Camilla & Marc Alexander. This one-Shoulder Dress retails for $550.00

If you take a look to your right, you will see a similar black off the shoulder dress designed by ChicStar sold on sells for and amazing $19.95 plus Shipping and handling.

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The same look for less!!!

Have you ever seen something you wanted but couldn't afford like amazing shoes? I adore Christian Louboutins, and Marc Jacob just to name a few. I realized that somewhere in this world similar shoes must exist and make me say "WOW" when I see them.....kind of like the following below.


The shoe on the left are Christian Louboutins pink sequins heels that retail for $595.00 Meanwhile the shoes on the bottom right hand side are Wet Seal Pink Sequin platform heels that retail for a cool $29.50 They both are extremely beautiful and very similar in style. Very stylish and trendy. Definitely has that WOW factor.


(On the Left) Stuart Weitzman patent leather red 5' inch heel platform shoes retail for $298.00 mean while the Brand "BeBe" have similar shoes for $119.00 and the heel is only 5'5 inches high (on the bottom right)The cool thing about this is you save more than a hundred dollars and it's the same exact look, both red, both patent leather, and both are slightly platform so you should expect a similar fit when you try them on. A "win win" situation.

Guess who's back???

Duh! Me of course.... So I haven't blogged in a while. I missed out on so many great things to blog about and now it's kind of irrelevant to post it or even discuss them. So as Jay-z said "I'm on to the next one". So after looking at every laptop available on this earth, I decided to settle down on a really cute macbook pro and of course it had to be pink. (giggles) I couldn't see myself with something to plain. After all my room is lime green, hot pink and an amazing blue so it's no wonder that my new computer fit in so well.

So anyway.....Since I'm back! I guess it's safe to say my website launch is going to be delayed because I'm looking for the best web graphic designer, photographer and anyone who will see me my vision and create a website that is user friendly, appealing and most importantly unique. If that sounds like you...E-mail me at: