Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How does this make you feel?

It was said that Black people or politically correct version "African American" people love Chicken, preferably fried and watermelons. However when you watch this video you notice images from the early 1930's. It seems like society as well as companies at some point in time, marketed these products to African American people. Although it's harsh and an extreme stereotype I think people don't realize that not only african americans loved those two products. In the slavery days, a lot of African American's were slaves and others had to do for themselves. Considering that chicken was an affordable method of food that provided protein, they was prone to eat it. Watermelons which are natural and also affordable and filling, made it another product or source of food for African American's who were poor at the time. Although it was years ago, it's not relevant today. You have to look at that period of time and the way the world was, but to still say that today in the year 2010, it's really a racist slur. I also want to mention that in the slavery days , caucasians also ate watermelons and chicken just as much as African American's did. In most cases black people actually cooked and clean the chicken for the white family such as my grandmother did, who is now 90 years old and alive. As you know after the slavery era we entered a great depression and everyone was eating food that was affordable. Although the african american stereotype of us eating fried chicken and watermelon is sad, A lot of people have huge stereotypes worst than that, such as black people are on welfare, which is false. I'm not on welfare and neither is my mom. They say black people aren't educated, which is false, I have a college degree and so does 2 of my aunts and not to mention my cousin recieved his masters degree at 26 years old. So don't believe the hype and educate yourself. Just because you go to school, it doesn't make you smart, what makes you smart is taking everything you learned and opening your horizon to learn more and to help others. You have to understand that in school they wont teach you everything, they only teach you what they want you to know, everything else is up to you.

God is Good! much love

Do you really love him or her?

Have you ever been in love with someone or thought you could be in love with them but you wasn't sure? If so, this blog post is just for you. After analyzing all the loser ex boyfriends I had in the past, I was able to say I loved maybe 3 of them and explain to you how I came up with it. Don't LAUGH!!!

These are the signs!

  • He makes or she makes you really mad and 1 hour later, your back on the phone with them like nothing ever happened.
  • You can use the bathroom while speaking to them on the phone or even while they're standing there.
  • When he or she can say "I LOVE YOU" and you get that funny feeling in your stomach (If you never felt that funny feeling, then it's not love, you can't describe how it feels, but it's magical lol)
  • When you can look at him or her and burst out laughing, just because you both know what each other is thinking.
  • When he or she can really mess up and you can forgive them, instead of completely disappearing from their life. When you're in love, remember it's always worth fighting for, and if he or she isn't ready to go to war for your heart, let them go, they never really loved you.
  • When you break up and get back together and then break up and get back together AGAIN and maybe a few more times after that.
  • When everything can be going wrong and one phone call from them or one text message makes you not even remember how bad your day was.
  • When you feel comfortable farting around him or her and they don't mind, that's a lot of love.
  • (REAL LOVE) When he lets you drive his car and you let him drive your car....that's serious LOVE!
  • When everyone else opinion means nothing to you, only his or hers.
  • When you wake up next to him or her in the morning and feel completely comfortable and happy, and just kiss and the first thing he or she says is "I love you" and the last thing they said to you was "I Love you" right before you went to sleep.
  • When you never have to hesitate on spending money on him or her because you know they would do the same for you or do even more for you.
  • When you even thought about marriage once or twice, or even talked about it. When you start thinking about building a future with that person, it's definitely love.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Thursday, March 4, 2010

YAY! Sex & the City 2 official trailer

I love this trailer!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Throwback! R.I.P Billy Bang

Weezy escaped Jail sentence, not once, not twice but 3TIMES

It was a no brainer that Lil Wayne was going to jump on the stage at Madison Square Garden to and surprise New York City with a performance with Drake & Nicki Minaj.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jae Millz- Throwback Video....."SPIT OR GO HOME"

Monday, March 1, 2010


In the past year or so, the trend was a lot of metallics and a lot of bright colors. However it seems like now the new trend is neutral tones. From shoes to accessories, it seems like the warm & cool tones of beige, tans and white and off whites are making it's rounds from the runways, to ready wear, to a store near you any day. Below are a few options to make you ready for this spring and summer. These items I picked below are "Recession Special"....You never don't have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks!

Shoes by "Jessica Simpson" off White Leather 5" heel Platform sandals $89.95 Available at: and

Shoes by "Marrisa" These T-strapped 5 1/4 inch heel, with studs and stoned detailing and braided buckles $59.95 available at

"Jessica McClintock" Satin two toned Rose designed clutch bag, with a magnetic enclosure and detached braided white strap $32.00 available at Macy's stores or online at

Flower Pearl set earrings for $3.80 available at Forever 21 Stores or These are definitely a great price! A must have item and very beautiful for a day time look or a casual look.

A four layer off white beaded, imitation pearl necklace with a flower pin on sale now for $9.80 available at Forever 21 stores or

The "Sasha" Off white Stud encrusted hobo bag on sale for $29.95 now at JCPenny stores or online at