Sunday, May 23, 2010


What's up folks?

I haven't been doing too many updates lately. I apologize, the devil has been hard at work trying to tempt me and trying to distract me, but it was an epic fail. I first want to take out the time to say "thank you" to everyone who supports me and sends me encouraging and uplifting messages on twitter and facebook and so on. You all encourage me to be a better person and most importantly keep me sane.

I know you all seen the drama on twitter with me and that girl, yep the same girl that was on Ustream with me, sometimes people grow apart and people change. I'm not the type to hurt peoples feelings and make them feel bad and I also wont stoop down to her level and put her business out there, as Trell would say "That's what I'm NOT gonna do" lol. However a lot of you said "I feel bad for you" and my advice to you is, don't feel bad for me, feel bad for her, she's the one who has to stand before god on judgement day and she will have a hard time getting pass the pearly gates to heaven, not me. She's evil and she's fighting a lot of demons and she doesn't see it. I see a lot of the devil in her, and you know like I know, the devil will only bring you down.........Do you see where this is going? On that note "AMEN" continue to stay blessed you all!

So that's the good word for this sunday afternoon